Accreditation ISO 14001:2015

ALD Automotive achieves ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System certification.

A clear demonstration of ALD Automotive's ongoing commitment to pursuing its environmental strategy.

By assuming the environment as a strategic objective, through the implementation and maintenance of a set of commitments and initiatives, ALD Automotive ensures an adequate and effective Environmental Management System, with the ultimate purpose of contributing as a main actor to sustainable development.

A certification that allows:

  • an improvement in the performance of the environmental management, providing cost savings through waste reduction and a more efficient use of natural resources, such as electricity, water and gas;
  • prevent the impact of the ecological footprint, promoting sustainable mobility solutions and plans to reduce gas emissions;
  • establish, implement, maintain and continually improve an environmental management system;
  • ensure agreement with the internal environmental policies;
  • demonstrate compliance with the International Standard.

Preventing environmental impact is a shared responsibility. With this certification, ALD Automotive promotes greater visibility among all stakeholders, of the commitment with environmental issues and their integration in the company's strategy.

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