Environmental Policy

ALD Automotive Portugal is committed in ensuring the balance of all its corporate activities, in the protection, preservation and respect for the environment.

By developing its business in a responsible manner, promoting the improvement of the environmental performance of its FSL and fleet management activities, the company ensures and contributes to long-term sustainable development, namely for future generations.

ALD Automotive Portugal's environmental policy aims to enforce environmental rights through the involvement and promotion of sustainable development, ensured by an adequate and environmentally responsible management of the FSL and fleet management activities. The efficient use of natural resources and resources, contributes to the development of a low carbon society and a "green economy" ensuring the well-being and progressive improvement of the quality of life of citizens.

We are aware of the concern of our employees, customers and all interested parties regarding the impact of our activity on the environment, which is why we are committed to developing and implementing a strategy for protecting the environment and long-term sustainability.

We want our environmental commitment to be realistic, quantifiable and achievable, adjusted to the reality of our business. For this, we have developed a strategy to identify, control and mitigate the impacts that come together in the line of work of quality of excellence, code of ethics and corporate social responsibility. Our objective will be the constant search for a balance between economic profitability and protection of the environment, in such a way that both reinforce each other.

In this sense, our environmental and sustainability commitment is based on the following action pillars:

  • Integrate the environment variable in the decision making of our future projects, business opportunities and activities;
  • Know and apply the sector's legislation, as well as other voluntary compliance requirements that are within our reach;
  • Involve all our employees, customers and integrated parties through awareness and training actions;
  • Sensitize other interest groups (shareholders, customers, suppliers and society in general) to the joint search for useful solutions for preserving the environment;
  • Communicate, in a clear and transparent manner, our strategy to our employees, customers and stakeholders, subject to an ongoing evaluation and improvement process.

The path to the implementation of our environmental and sustainability strategy goes through the following performance levels:

  • Water Consumption
  • Emissions To The Atomosphere
  • Energy Consumption
  • General Consumption
  • Waste Management
  • Biodiversity Protection
  • Sustainability And Quality Of Life Of Our Employees

Revised on 05/08/2022.