ALD Automotive's constant commitment to Quality. ALD Automotive offers the highest quality services to its Customers, ensuring their maximum satisfaction is our top priority.

ALD Automotive constantly organizes and improves its processes and resources to ensure that the services provided are according to their objectives and respect Customer's requirements, to ensure their maximum satisfaction.



Provide services with added value to our Customers. As mobility partner, we intend to: 

  • Provide the best solutions, adapted to our Customer's needs
  • Ensure high quality standards on all services provided (professional, financial, technical and environmental)


  • Ensure full mobility to our Customers
  • Obtain a high level of Customer satisfaction
  • Continuously improvement of the quality of services provided
  • Create value for all stakeholders


ALD Automotive implemented and maintains permanently a quality management system, compliant with international standards, with the following objectives:

  • Ensure a process approach compliant with international and Group quality standards
  • Monitor and measurement of all processes to permanently improve  their efficiency
  • Maximize employee efficiency with training and resources to ensure: a higher proximity on Customer relation and the presentation of best solutions
  • Ensure quality management is understood as an asset on services provided to our Customers by highlighting its importance

ALD Automotive's management team understands that a quality management system compliant with international standards contributes to the success of the company and its continuously improvement leads to added value to all interested parties.

Your opinion matters! If you have any question related to the quality of the services provided by ALD Automotive, send us an email through: pt_qualidade@aldautomotive.com

Revised on 05/05/2021.