ALD Bluefleet

ALD bluefleet - our label supporting our environmental commitments.

As an international mobility company, our responsibility is to act everyday to improve your fleet and to limit fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.



ALD Automotive's commitment to sustainable development means we encourage the implementation of "eco-responsible" vehicle policies: 

  • Offering a complete diagnosis of your vehicle fleet in order to identify those areas which can be optimised in both ecological and economic terms
  • Recommending an eco-responsible approach to choosing models and engine sizes
  • Offering your staff the opportunity to take part in courses in eco-driving and road risks in order to reduce fuel consumption

Under this programme and in order to answer to the growing market requirements, imposed by an increasingly environmental conscience, ALD Automotive Portugal has been alerting to the importance of Ecodriving, through ecodriving tips and more recently the Iphone application, ALD ecodrive. It is in this context that ALD Automotive also decided to launch an Eco-Efficient Driving Course, with the main objective of promoting new driving attitudes to reduce CO2 emissions, fuel invoice, maintenance and accidents. 

Once these operational levers are in place, and as part of its commitment to the environment, ALD Automotive offers those clients that are interested the possibility of compensating for their CO2 emissions by contributing towards various reforestation programmes.

... The ALD Automotive team works for streamlining the vehicle budget of its Customers in total respect for the environment.