Responsible Practices

Ethical and Responsible culture

Together with Société Générale, ALD Automotive has been working for the past years to strengthen its culture based on its values, its ethics and its code of conduct. 

ALD’s target is to ensure that its employees comply with the Code of Conduct and act with integrity in their day-to-day activities.

The code of conduct promotes respect for human rights and the environment, the prevention of conflicts of interest and corruption, the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, respect for market integrity, data protection, responsible sourcing, etc..

The Group Code of Conduct is available to all stakeholders,  available here.

Reports or Alerts

The denunciation of any acts or suspicions of situations that violate the Code of Conduct, or any policy of ALD Automotive and the Societe Generale Group, is a right guaranteed to all employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

The Group's compliance area will conduct the relevant investigations in a confidential manner and the whistleblower will be protected from any retaliation, discriminatory measures, sanctions or dismissal.

The right to make a complaint must be exercised in a responsible, non-defamatory and non-abusive manner and can be done through the following link: