Full Service Leasing Advantages

The solution to support your development.

Find out how ALD Automotive can optimize your fleet and support your development.

ALD Automotive's Full Service Leasing contracts offer you a full range of flexible services drawn up according to your specific needs. No surprise and a budget that is spread evenly over the period that suits you. Get all the advantages.


  • You save time and liquidity to concentrate on your activity
  • ALD Automotive finances the vehicle and its associated services
  • You can meet some fiscal advantages to leased vehicles
  • You benefit from the best negotiated rates with automotive dealers and service providers related to your fleet
  • No impact on cash flow: payments are deducted as operating expenses over the period in question and therefore have no effect on the structure of your balance sheet
  • The day-to-day management of your vehicles is simplified: ALD Automotive experts handle the management and follow-up of your contract from A to Z. They will also provide assistance and close follow up regarding your operating and administrative needs from the vehicle delivery to its final return
  • Your company vehicle policy is homogeneous, delivering a coherent corporate image for you company at optimized cost
  • You increase your staff loyalty and integrate in your HR policy the benefit-in-kind that a company vehicle represents

You concentrate on your business, we concentrate on your company's and your colleagues mobility and comfort.

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