ALD e-Switch

The ideal combination of environment and mobility. From electric to ICE in a simple switch.

ALD e-Switch encourages the electric mobility through greater flexibility and mobility. Enjoy the benefits of an electric car on a daily basis and in urban areas, while ensuring the best monthly lease for an internal combustion vehicle during long weekends, holiday or long-term travel.



Combining flexibility and durability, ALD e-Switch provides an electric vehicle and includes a thermal one when needed (upon 30 days per year).

With this solution you benefit from:

  • 30 days a year in a ICE vehicle
  • Insurance and Assistance for thermal vehicle
  • If the days are not fully used you can cumulate 10 days for the following year


  • More options for electric vehicle drivers
  • Facilitates the adoption and integration of these vehicles, reducing autonomy limitations and charging periods
  • Better balance and sustainability in mobility options
  • Main vehicle not subject to traffic restrictions and extra vehicle for simultaneous use
  • Reliable solution for specific needs
  • Package of days with flexible usage
  • Reservations using Driver support line, 15 days in advance