ALD sharing is a complete corporate car sharing solution, which allows you to manage in a convenient and simple way the professional use of your fleet.

Allows companies to use vehiches in a car sharing system.

Reservation and restitution of vehicles with employees' full autonomy! A management system to monitor and optimize the use (reporting by reservation, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions...).


Through 4 simple steps:

  1. Subscribe: Log in, enter your details and access the service previously validated by your company

  2. Reserve: Book based on your requirements and the available vehicles. Once the reservation is confirmed, an email notification is sent to the driver with the information necessary to use the vehicle

  3. Use: With your user card, open and access the vehicle. The card will act as a key and can open and close the vehicle, during the booking time

  4. Restitution: Park the car in the same place, ending the reservation. After that you will receive an email summarizing the use of the vehicle.



  • Cost optimization associated with occasional mobility solutions: taxis, short-term rentals, mileage costs...
  • Reduction of the company's ecological footprint
  • Employee satisfaction: professional and private use

If you want to improve your fleet's management and optimize your resources, contact us! We will be pleased to propose an advantageous solution for your business.

ALD sharing, the future of mobility has arrived!