Eco Driving Courses

Promotes the adoption of a new driving attitude, more environmental, economic and defensive, enabling the reduction of different consumption.


Developed in partnerships with CR&M, ALD Automotive's driver training programmes have as main objective the promotion of new driving attitudes raising driver awareness regarding:

  • Reduction of fuel consumption and costs
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Improve road safety and lower the risck of injury, in total respect for the environment 
  • Reduction of maintenance costs



  • Vehicle available for training, unique and completely adapted for training purposes
  • Protocols signed with credible and reputable entities: CR&M as technical support and trainer, developing training programmes in defensive driving and road safety since 1990. 
  • Savings on fuel costs by an average of 1.1 litres/100 km; Calculated for a fleet of 50 vehicles with an average of 50.000 km/year, after the development of an eco-driving programme achieving fuel savings of approximately 35.000 €/year
  • Attractive price: 25% below market price
  • Possibility of being carried out at the Customer location for groups of a minimum of 3 people
  • Training certificate: for each training a participation certificate and performance development report is delivered