Safe, convenient and practical method of payment. Avoid the need for advance payments and expense reimbursements by simplifying the administrative process


ALD Automotive works in partnership with a number of major fuel companies. 

  • Each user is given a card for a specific company or companies which they can use to pay for fuel in the selected stations
  • A detailed statement is attached to the invoice which specifies, where, when and how much fuel was purchased


  • Assistance: ALD Automotive handles all of the formalities linked to the provision or renewal of fuel cards (stop payments, copies, etc.)
  • Simplicity: A single monthly invoice is sent for all fuel consumed
  • You don’t have to manage expense forms and the way in which invoices are processed makes it easier to recover any VAT
  • Flexibility: Simply configure your fuel cards to cover road tolls
  • Security: Each card has its own PIN code. Lost or stolen cards are blocked and a new one is issued
  • Control: The statements enable you to carefully check any items and identify any anomalies 
  • You can effortlessly monitor the consumption of each user and vehicle