We work with you in defining the best possible coverage.


ALD Automotive gives you the option of outsourcing the insurance of your fleet, with deductibles ranging from 2 to 8%, and the following coverages:

  • Civil Liability - Ensured capital (€50.000.000,00)
  • Passengers
  • Material  Damages: Natural phenomenon; Impact, capsize and collision; Fire, lightning and explosion; Vandalism and malicious acts; Robbery or theft (no deductible applied) and Breaking Glass (no deductible applied)



  • You no longer have to declare to your insurer  any changes needed , nor request any new insurance certificate. The vehicle is insured throughout the life of the contract, from the moment it is delivered until it is returned
  • Insurance premiums are paid in monthly instalments at no extra cost. In fact, it means a saving: there are no annual or six-monthly payments
  • This service is only invoiced while the vehicle is leased. One single monthly invoice lists the lease payment and insurance premium
  • Easy access to various information, procedures and reports online
  • You do not need to pay anything upfront: ALD Automotive covers all expenses from the very first euro