With ALD Automotive, your vehicle is kept in perfect condition, following each car’s requirements and at preferential rates.


You simply need to present you as an ALD Automotive driver to benefit from a full range of maintenance services:

  • Regular vehicle maintenance: services and controls in line with suggested manufacturer schedules (oil, batteries, lights and windscreen wiper changes included)
  • Mechanical repairs included: no limit in terms of the cost, number or frequency of repairs considering a fair wear and tear use of the vehicle
  • Mandatory Technical Inspection



  • No need of an initial payment and freedom to choose the garage to perform the vehicle’s maintenance, as long as part of ALD Automotive preferential network
  • ALD Automotive manages and validates all invoices and proceeds with payments
  • A specialist technical platform manages, negotiates and monitors any intervention carried out, checking that repairs are actually needed (cost control) and will be performed at the best possible price