ALD ProFleet2

Advanced telematics' fleet management system which allows you to manage, locate or access vehicles history, through a safe, fast and convenient access in a Web environment.

Optimize costs, time and safety - ALD ProFleet2 is the solution you need!

In the current economic situation, managing a fleet of vehicles is a complex task. Companies want to see their costs and risks reduced, more rigorous management control and continous service improvement. 


  • A simple hardware installation in the vehicle, transmitting in real time all the information to a central database
  • Through an online platform, all data is accessible in a simple, secure and personalized way. This technology provides strict and effective control of your fleet



  • Savings in fuel consumption reaching 20% through the improvement of driving habits
  • Better activity planning enabling productivity increases of up to 15% 
  • Recovery of vehicles in case of theft
  • Reduction of penalties and fines
  • Savings in insurance rates by a decrease in the number of claims, resulting from safer driving
  • Lower operational costs due to the timely maintenance of the vehicles and the improvement of driving behaviour


ALD ProFleet2 - Monitor, manage and act!