Digital solution for Fleet Managers and Drivers

Customer Portal, which guarantees the optimization of resources and provides an experience with autonomy, enabling quick and simple access to different functionalities. 

Makes your fleet smarter, providing the data that makes your day-to-day easier to the strategic decisions regarding the management of your vehicles. My ALD streamlines and optimizes the process, working as a strong communication channel between the driver, fleet manager and ALD Automotive.

Targeted for Fleet Managers and Drivers, is extremely intuitive! It allows exhaustive analysis of the fleet performance for a broader view of the business, while ensuring that users take care of their vehicle, through a mobile application, which allows them to carry out himself service requests, status monitoring and documents’ consultation.


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Discover the main features of the My ALD Portal!

For the Customer, the digital platform is available here in desktop and mobile format and provides:

  • Input dashboard with global view/status of the fleet
  • Consultancy of the data of each vehicle
  • Contract start and termination, mileage traveled, drivers assigned, etc.
  • Access to different reports to track orders and deliveries, claims, maintenance, billing, etc..
  • IFRS 16 report;
  • Contract visualization, profile configuration;
  • Download/Upload documents
  • Updating driver data and vehicle mileage;
  • Definition and sending notifications to drivers, among many other features.

For the Driver, My ALD is available on the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) through the following QR Codes and allows:

  • Access to the fleet policy;
  • Notifications feed
  • Update on the delivery status of the new vehicle;
  • Electronic glove box (documents)
  • Schedule maintenance or request services such as: vehicle reservation; claims; duplicate of the fuel card; vehicle return; opening complaints;
  • Vehicle profile and mileage update;
  • 24h assistance request;
  • Contact with ALD Automotive




My ALD. Practical. Simple. Efficient.